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Silver Winner

Innovative Use of Radio
Entrant: Draftfcb+ Shimoni Finkelstein Barki, Tel Aviv
The Swift Bird
"Saved by Sound"
Corporate Name of Client: Friends of the Swifts NPO
Radio Station: Shapa Radio Network
Client Account Director: Amnonn Hahn
Agency Account Director: Yosefa Galante
Agency: Draftfcb+ Shimoni Finkelstein Barki, Tel Aviv
Executive Creative Director: Kobi Barki
Associate Creative Director: Tomer Ciubotaru
Copywriters: Kobi Barki/Tomer Ciubotaru
Agency Producer: Eti Naaman
Recording Studio: Signal Sound, Tel Aviv
Sound Design Company: Signal Sound, Tel Aviv

ANN: If this sound sounds familiar, it means you can help us save the Swift birds that are facing extinction. In springtime the Swifts migrate to our region and nest in old buildings.
But due to modern construction, these amazing birds have less and less places to nest and that's why their numbers are decreasing.
So next time you hear (sound of the Swifts cry) SMS the word 'Swift' and your location to 3090 and the Friends of the Swifts Association will set up a nest there.
Participants will get a special ringtone (Sound of the Swifts) for free. For updates

Basic description of the project:
Swifts are birds facing extinction because they don't have enough places to nest. Challenge: Find the largest concentration of Swifts so new nests can be installed. Idea: Use the highly identifiable sound Swifts make to get people to locate places with large concentrations of Swifts. We recorded the sound Swifts make and broadcast it in radio spots. The radio spots asked listeners to simply text their location when they heard the sound. SMS reports sent in were fed into a map, making the solution visible and actionable. All that was left to do was install additional nests where needed.

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