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Silver Winner

Public Service/Social Welfare
Entrant: DDB Colombia, Bogotá
Military Forces of Colombia
"The Code"
Corporate Name of Client: Military Forces of Colombia
Client Account Director: Jose Obdulio Espejo
Agency Account Director: Luis Fernando Castilla
Agency: DDB Colombia, Bogotá
Chief Creative Officer: Andres Mazuera
Executive Creative Directors: Rodrigo Davila/Rodrigo Bolivar
Creative Directors: Juan Palma/Juan Espitia/
     Alfonso Diaz
Copywriters: Alfonso Diaz/Mario Leon
Agency Producers: Isabel Paez/Fernando Diaz
Production Company: DDB Colombia, Bogotá
Director: Carlos Portela
Executive Producer: Bibiana Pinzón
Recording Studio: Radio Bemba, Bogotá
Audio Engineers: Amaury Gutierrez/Diego Bautista
Sound Design Company: Radio Bemba, Bogotá
Sound Designers: Carlos Portela/Amaury Gutierrez/
     Diego Bautista
Music Production Company: Radio Bemba, Bogotá
Music Producers: Amaury Gutierrez/Diego Bautista
Music Composers: Carlos Portela/Alfonso Diaz
Music Performed By: Compatriots
Artistes: Natalia Gutierrez/Angelo


In the middle of the night Thinking about what I love the most I feel the need to sing What my heart has to give
I talk about those I love About how much I miss them I talk about pride and strength Which beat inside my heart
A new dawn singing this message from my heart Although I'm tied up and alone I feel as if I'm by your side Listen to this message brother
I want to keep on fighting For my friends, mi family, my children We will soon see each other again I'm sure better days are coming
A new dawn singing this song From my heart This song which carries me Listen to this message brother
A new dawn singing this song From my heart This song which carries me Listen to this message brother
Listen to this message brother

Basic description of the project:
In Colombia there are policemen and soldiers who have been kidnapped over 12 years. They only find out about news that the guerilla wants them to hear. In an effort to speak directly to their men, and considering that radio is the only means of communication, a song was created which contained a hidden message to boost morale in the chorus written in Morse code. For the first time over a decade, the voice of the Military Forces of Colombia broke guerilla enemy lines with the power of information and reached their men to give them strength and hope.

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