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Gold Winner

Public Service/Social Welfare
Entrant: DDB Stockholm, Stockholm
Ronald McDonald Barnfond
"Please Don't Hang Up The Call"
Corporate Name of Client: Ronald McDonald Barnfond
Client Account Director: Birgitta Mossberg
Agency Account Directors: Pelle Josephson/Karl Wikström/
     Jeanette Ytterman
Agency: DDB Stockholm, Stockholm
Creative Directors: Nick Christiansen/Joel Ekstrand
Production Company: Sara Haag, Stockholm
Producer: Petra Haglund
Recording Studio: Red Pipe, Stockholm

Translation: (We hear a dad telling his son a good night story, as if he’s tucking him in when it’s time for bed.)
... and if Charlie the cat hasn’t changed his mind, he still walks side by side with Martin Mouse on their walks through the neverending forest. And they live happily ever after… There…
As he finishes telling the story, there is a short silense, broken by the son’s voice.
– Daddy?
– Yes?
– Please don’t hang up.
VOICEOVER: A sick child needs its family more than ever. Help The Ronald McDonald Childrens Fund and The Childhood Cancer Foundation to build a new accomodation for families at the Academic Hospital in Uppsala. Text the word ”House” to 72900 to donate 5 Euro. Thank you.

Basic description of the project:
As a parent or relative, saying good night to a child over the phone is the last thing you want to do when the child is going through a tough period of sickness. You’d want to be there in person. That’s the reason of existence for The Ronald McDonald Childrens fund. The aim is to build houses in connection to hospitals around Sweden, to act as a home away from home for the parents and relatives – a place where they can stay while the child is hospitalized.

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