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Entrant: Daiko Advertising Inc., Tokyo
Panasonic Eco-Navi Appliances
"Spouse Impersonations: Mr. & Mrs. Morita"
Corporate Name of Client: Panasonic Corporation
Agency: Daiko Advertising Inc., Tokyo
Chief Creative Officer: Yoichi Miura
Executive Creative Director: Miwako Saito
Creative Director: Makoto Mitsui
Copywriter: Makiko Ida
Production Company: Big Face Inc., Osaka
Director: Makiko Ida
Producer: Kazunari Morita
Recording Studio: Media Plaza inc., Osaka
Audio Engineer: Keisuke Soejima
Sound Design Company: Media Plaza inc., Osaka
Sound Designer: Masahiro Inumaru

HUSBAND: This is my wife:“What’ll I wear? I've nothing to wear! This doesn’t go with anything! What should I wear with this top? What does it go with?”
WIFE: This is my husband:“I really want to see the game this afternoon, so…Do you mind? Between two and four p.m., okay? Is that okay?”
HUSBAND: This is my wife:“Fine, okay, fine. All right, fine! Okay! Forget it. Just forget it!”
WIFE: This is my husband:“It’s all my fault. Everything that goes wrong in the world is MY FAULT!”
ANNCR: When you live together, you get to know each other really well.That also goes for Panasonic’s Eco-Navi Washer-Dryer.It figures out exactly how much washing and drying your clothes need, so you never waste water or energy. Now that’s Eco!

Basic description of the project:
Eco-Navi appliances “learn” a family's lifestyle and adjust power use for significant energy savings. In this series of commercials, real-life married couples mimic each other to convey different family dynamics, highlighting the appliances' ability to optimize operation for each family.

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