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Package Design
Entrant: Switch, Johannesburg
Rascal in the Vineyard
Corporate Name of Client: Douglas Green Bellingham Wines
Client Account Director: Sipho Mdluli
Agency Account Directors: Rob Havik/Nicole Dickens
Design Company: Switch, Johannesburg
Container Company: Wayout Express, Johannesburg
Packaging Manufacturing Company: Mortimer Offset, Johannesburg
Executive Creative Director: Gaby De Abreu
Creative Directors: Adam Botha/Malcolm King
Design Director: Sulet Jansen
Copywriter: Steven Lipschitz
Illustrator: Ilze Vermaak
Graphic Designer: Ilze Vermaak

Basic description of the project:
A limited edition wine label range and identity had to be created for wine farm owner, Jacques Roux. The design needed to be loosely based on his family story of the “Rascal in the Vineyard” who ate and knocked grapes off their vines during harvest time. Jacques’ father believed that the “rascal” was either the birds or the hedgehogs that pillaged the winelands.

One day Jacques told his father that he was the “rascal” on the wine farm, thus making him the central character to the story.

Our main focus was to expose the "mystery" of the story through the die-cut of Jacques’ iconic moustache on the wine label.

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