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The NEW Category
Entrant: TBWA\Berlin, Berlin
Absolut Vodka
Media Type: Ambient, Blogs, Live Events, Outdoor/Poster, Websites
Corporate Name of Client: Pernod Ricard Deutschland GmbH
Client Account Directors: Alain Dufossé/Bernhard Eisheuer/
     Katja Borsetzky/Christina Elste/
     Catherina Zeman
Agency Account Directors: Richard Breaux/David Barton/
     Alexis Mardon
Agency: TBWA\Berlin, Berlin/CHE*CHE, Berlin
Chief Creative Officers: Nico Zeh/Tatjana Stein/
     Kurt Georg Dieckert/Stefan Schmidt
Creative Directors: Dirk Henkelmann/Philip Borchardt
Copywriters: Dirk Henkelmann/Felicitas Olschewski/
     Philip Loeffel
Art Directors: Philip Borchardt/Philipp Migeod
Photographers: Niels Krueger/Robert Wunsch/
     Ricardo Mueller
Graphic Designers: Veit Moeller/Andrew Morgan/
     Ricardo Mueller/Chehad Abdallah/
     Benedikt Gansczyk/Thomas Kohl
Executive Agency Producers: Luise Biesalski/Philip Gaedicke/
     Alexis Dornier
Designers: Veit Moeller/Andrew Morgan/
     Ricardo Mueller/Chehad Abdallah/
     Benedikt Gansczyk/Thomas Kohl
Directors: Matthias Maercks/Niki Drakos/
     Johannes von Liebenstein
Scored By: Miki/Valerie Goodman/
Cinematographer: Matthias Maercks/Niki Drakos
Architect: Alexis Dornier
Interface: Wolf Deiss

Basic description of the project:
ABSOLUT wanted to create a place where creative collaborations are encouraged and fostered. A place for people who love art and creativity. A place where diverse creative minds can join forces to create new and unseen things. MADE was born as a platform devoted to the formula of creative clashes. This became the rationale for everything, from the development of the space by 12 very different creatives, to the diverse Artists, participating in the projects. It is reflected in all communication, and even resulted in the creation of a unique new media channel.

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