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The NEW Category
Entrant: DDB Tribal Group, Berlin
ENTEGA Renewable Energy
"Food for Thought"
Media Type: Ambient, Direct, Editorial, Live Events, Outdoor/Poster, Print, Social Network Communities, Television, Webs
Corporate Name of Client: ENTEGA Vertrieb Gmbh & Co. Kg
Client Account Director: Dr. Karoline Harderer
Agency Account Directors: Ann-Katrin Schelkmann/Caroline Sturm/
     Sebastian Neumann
Agency: DDB Tribal Group, Berlin
Chief Creative Officer: Eric Schoeffler
Executive Creative Directors: Stefan Schulte/Bastian Meneses von Arnim
Creative Directors: Ludwig Berndl/Kristoffer Heilemann
Copywriters: Mona Sibai/Nina Faulhaber/
     Res Matthys/Edgar Linscheid/
     Antje Gerwien/Lennart Frank
Art Directors: Lars Buri/Cathrin Ciuraj/
     Marian Grabmayer/Chan-Young Ramert/
     Judith Baumgartner/Michael Janke
Photographers: Dennis De La Haye/Max Merz/
     Sven Glage/Szymon Plewa/
     Grover Schrayer/Jan Hinrich Hoffmann
Graphic Designers: Sebastian Jerez/Steffen Boseckert/
     Tim Kremer/Mattias Nygard/
     Christophe-Claude Bugetti
Agency Producer: Barbara Simon
Production Company: trigger happy productions, Berlin
Executive Producers: Stephan Vens/Eva Maier-Schönung
Producer: Nani Miliane Meimeth
Conception/Idea: Klemens Schüttken/Ludwig Berndl/Ralf Schmerberg
Photographers: Steffen Roth/Katja Ortmann
Artistic Director: Ralf Schmerberg
Assistance Artistic Directors: Chrisitian Schmid/Heike Pauketat
Architect: Peter Weber
Assistant Producers: Nicolas Blankenhorn/Josefine Bothe
Curation: Dr. Carola Dürr/Ralf Schmerberg
Editorial: Ralf Grauel
Realization: Uwe Tisch
Online: Mindpirates
PR: Bureau N/Silke Neumann
Project Manager: Cornell Henze/Bella Sahin/Mathias Westebbe

Basic description of the project:
With green energy, ENTEGA strikes a new path in energy supply. To raise the brand awareness we therefore chose a new way of communication: We focused on the cause instead of the product. With the Café Endlager and the Electricity Hog we provided two cities with two “Food for Thought” events on nuclear energy and energy waste. More than 75,000 visitors spread the message by word of mouth and over the web. The worldwide media echo exceeded the invested budget by far.

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