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The NEW Category
Entrant: Y&R Colombia, Bogotá
Fundación Telefónica
"Kid Rescue"
Media Type: Mobile
Corporate Name of Client: Telefónica
Agency: Y&R Colombia, Bogotá
Chief Creative Officer: Mauricio Rocha
Executive Creative Directors: Tito Chamorro/Victor Osorio/
     Julian Jaramillo
Creative Directors: Jorge Millan/Diego Suarez
Copywriter: Sebastian Sanchez
Art Directors: Alejandro Narvaez/Fabian Marrugo
Designer: Leonardo Carrasco
Programmers: Camilo Paez/Sergio Gaitan
Motion Graphics: David López
App Development: Fonkie Monkie

Basic description of the project:
Colombia has 1.6 million uneducated children, half of which work on the streets. Our challenge is to reduce child labor in Colombia, but we face a huge tactical problem—identifying and geo-locating these children.

We developed a smart phone application that empowers everyone to denounce child labor by creating a real-time data system exclusively accessible to social workers of Fundación Telefónica—enabling them to evaluate each case before taking action.

Using two existing platforms (mobile tagging and a Google maps mash-up) we were able to minimizing cost for our client and create an immediate solution to a real problem.

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