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Bronze Winner

The NEW Category
Entrant: Aoi Advertising Promotion, Inc., Tokyo
Media Type: Music Video
Corporate Name of Client: Zenith Co., Ltd./SOUR
Agency: PARTY, Tokyo/New York
Creative Director: Masashi Kawamura
Photographer: Hiroki Ono
Designer: Masashi Kawamura
Programmers: Qanta Shimizu/Saqoosha/
     Yuma Murakami/Jun Kuriyama (S2 Factory)/
     Shu Takano (S2 Factory)
Production Company: Aoi Advertising Promotion, Inc., Tokyo
Directors: Masashi Kawamura/Qanta Shimizu/
     Saqoosha/Hiroki Ono
Producers: Yasuhito Nakae/Hisaya Kato
Scored By: SOUR

Basic description of the project:
This is an interactive music video for the Japanese band SOUR. The song 'Utsushi Kagami' (Mirror) sings about the fact that everything and everyone around you is a mirror that reflects who you are. This lyric gave us an idea of a journey to find yourself through your connections with the friends and people online. By connecting to Facebook, Twitter & webcam, the video will be customized every time based on the viewer’s personal data and social networking status.

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