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Silver Winner

The NEW Category
Entrant: Serviceplan, Munich
"Builders of Infinity"
Media Type: Direct, Online/Offline Games, Media
Corporate Name of Client: LEGO GmbH
Client Account Director: Karola Wetzel
Agency: Serviceplan, Hamburg/, Hamburg
Chief Creative Officer: Alexander Schill
Creative Directors: Maik Kaehler/Christoph Nann/
     Friedrich von Zitzewitz/Daniel Koennecke
Copywriter: Marc Vosshall
Art Directors: Till Diestel/Oliver Schwank
Interactive Designers: Dennis Fritz/Raul Dueck
Programmers: Sven Busse/Robert von Leoprechting
Production Company: Embassy of Dreams, Munich
Sound Design Company: Gero Goerlich
Screendesign: Oliver Schwank/Till Diestel/Dennis Fritz

Basic description of the project:
A digital campaign for LEGO that promotes the core of the brand: creativity. An idea for the common leaderboard banner: An interactive jump ‘n’ run game, created by the users themselves. A LEGO figure has to reach the right side of the banner in order to finish a level. Users always have the possibility to visit to create their own level with LEGO bricks. Once they build a level, they can publish it to add the level to the game – raising the number of levels of the banner.

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