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Public Service/Social Welfare
Entrant: Publicis Brussels, Brussels
Reporters Without Borders
"The Voice"
Corporate Name of Client: Reporters Without Borders
Client Account Director: Olivier Basille
Agency Account Directors: Sebastien Desclée/Mikael Ogor
Agency: Publicis Brussels, Brussels
Creative Directors: Paul Servaes/Alain Janssens
Copywriter: Kwint Demeyer
Art Director: Daniel Vandenbroucke
Planner: Tom Theys

Basic description of the project:
Press freedom seems more than normal for people living in Belgium. Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF/ Reporters without Borders) wanted to approach people in a direct way to show them why press freedom is important. We created the first talking print ad. The ad showed a predator of press freedom (Gadaffi, Putin, Ahmadinedjad), with a QR code in the bottom corner. By scanning this code and putting your iPhone on the mouth of the predator, you could hear a journalist tell the true story of that country.

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