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Public Service/Social Welfare
Entrant: DDB Shanghai, Shanghai
China Environmental Protection Foundation
"Walk For Green"
Corporate Name of Client: China Environmental Protection Foundation
Client Account Director: Lucy Lu
Agency Account Director: Jenny Liu
Agency: DDB Shanghai, Shanghai
Chief Creative Officer: Michael Dee
Creative Director: Jody Xiong
Copywriter: Jason Jin
Art Director: Jody Xiong
Graphic Designers: Jody Xiong/Jerry Cao
Photographers: Keno Zhao/King Zhang
Illustrator: Jody Xiong
Director : Qiu Bo

Basic description of the project:
The China Environmental Protection Foundation wanted to encourage people to walk more and drive less. We decided to leverage a busy pedestrian crossing where both pedestrians and drivers met. We covered the crossing with a giant canvas of a large leafless tree. Placed on either side of the road were sponge cushions soaked in green, environmentally friendly paint. As people walked across and stepped onto the sponges, they created green footprints. Each green footprint added to the canvas like leaves growing on a bare tree, which made people feel that by walking they could create a greener environment.

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