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Public Service/Social Welfare
Entrant: DDB China Group, Shanghai
China Environmental Protection Foundation
"Chopsticks, Not Chop-trees"
Corporate Name of Client: China Environmental Protection Foundation
Client Account Director: Lucy LU
Agency: DDB China Group, Shanghai
Chief Creative Officer: Michael Dee
Creative Director: Shih-yen Lee
Copywriters: Hesky Lu/Adam Wang
Art Directors: Lim Boon Seng/Michael Ma/
     Kevin Jiang
Photographer: Leslie Sim

Basic description of the project:
Every year Chinese consumers use 45 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks which amount to 2 million square meters of demolished forest area. We recycled over 30,000 used pairs of used disposable chopsticks from restaurants all over Shanghai, and turned them into a broken chopstick tree structure. The installation was then displayed in several busy city districts popular with restaurant diners. Through the visual impact of the fallen chopstick trees, we raised awareness of the fact that the use of disposable chopsticks results in the destruction of large numbers of trees.

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