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Silver Winner

Poster Campaign
Entrant: Dentsu Inc. Kansai, Osaka
Exhibition of Asian Advertising
"The Ultra Asian Campaign"
Corporate Name of Client: The Yoshida Hideo Memorial Foundation/Advertising Museum Tokyo
Client Account Director: Takehide Tarusawa
Agency: Dentsu Inc., , Tokyo
Creative Director: Yuya Furukawa
Copywriter: Haruko Tsutsui
Art Director: Yoshihiro Yagi
Graphic Designers: Minami Otsuka/Kazuaki Takai
Production Company: Taki Corporation, Tokyo
Printing Producer: Shinya Tamura
Producer: Shunpei Mikami

Basic description of the project:
We developed the concept of 'Life-Sized Asian', and aimed to describe how history, culture, technology, and trends of Asia turn into flesh and blood of an Asian, which is why ideas from Asia are strong. We created 4 posters - 'Palm', 'Sole', 'Upper Body', and 'Lower Body' - applying the Asian idea of body is universe. The Upper Body and Lower Body posters can be connected to form a life-sized Asian.

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