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Silver Winner

Poster Campaign
Entrant: Arnold Worldwide, Boston
Self chec
"Anelisa", "Leon", " Aisha", " Nick"
Corporate Name of Client: Self chec
Agency Account Director: Barbara Reilly
Agency: Arnold Worldwide, Boston
Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat
Executive Creative Director: Roger Baldacci
Copywriter: Carolyn Zigmund
Art Director: Chuck Seelye
Photographer: Guido Vitti

Basic description of the project:
These ads were created to shake things up and get people’s attention. And for a good reason. Over 550,000 lives could be saved each year from diseases, like cancer, through simple early detection. That’s why we’re unapologetically showing models in various stages of undress with their hands on their breasts and down their pants. Provocative? Yes. A little shocking? Maybe. But if we can help get the message out about doing self checks and, in turn, save a life, then job well done.

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