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Bronze Winner

Direct Marketing – Business-to-Business
Entrant: Being, Paris
Paprec Recyclage
Corporate Name of Client: Paprec Recyclage
Client Account Director: Jean-Luc Petithuguenin
Agency Account Directors: Bruno Tallent/Frank Chabert
Agency: Being, Paris
Design Company: Being Design, Paris
Executive Creative Director: Paul Wauters
Creative Director: Thierry Buriez
Art Director: Quentin Six

Translation: Best wishes 2011. In 2011, this packaging will have a second life.

Basic description of the project:
PAPREC is a major player in the recycling industry in France. It promotes recycling to individuals and companies. To make sure everyone starts the New Year in the right mindset, PAPREC sent a very special Christmas card to the Top 100 products companies based in France. These companies received their own packaging, elegantly stamped with the best wishes for the New Year. In the letter that accompanied it, the president of PAPREC explained his ambition to turn garbage into tomorrow’s raw production materials, and turn what was seen as dirty into something more ‘noble’ with an important added value.

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