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Silver Winner

Environmental Installations/Displays - Permanent
Entrant: Eight Branding Design Co., Ltd., Tokyo
Shiraniwadai Kindergarten
Corporate Name of Client: Midorigakuen
Design Company: Eight Branding Design Co., Ltd., Tokyo/Compas Architects Co., Ltd., Tokyo
Creative Director: Koji Nishihama
Art Director: Akihiro Nishizawa
Graphic Designers: Akihiro Nishizawa/Etsuko Sanada/
     Wakako Shibata
Photographer: Hiroshi Tanimoto

Basic description of the project:
It is a sign design for Shiraniwadai Kindergarten, having ‘child care’ as its pictographic theme. It is designed to show kindergarteners learning through actual experience at the kindergarten. In addition, we took into consideration the architectural space of the kindergarten. The space appears to be blending into nature with its open atmosphere. The signage is made using the ideas of organic materials, such as logs.

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