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Environmental Installations/Displays - Temporary
Entrant: Cafeína, Lima
Municipalidad de Miraflores - Beaches
"Beached Whale"
Corporate Name of Client: Municipalidad de Miraflores
Client Account Director: Jorge Muñoz
Agency Account Directors: Ana María Castillo/Kathy Molfino
Agency: Cafeína, Lima
Design Company: Cafeína, Lima
Chief Creative Officer: Mauricio Meza Bustamante
Associate Creative Director: Bruno Yaker
Design Director: Pablo Alfaro
Copywriter: José De La Barra
Art Director: Pablo Alfaro
Graphic Designer: Cristhian Ávila
Photography Studio: JPM Fotografía
Photographer: Juan Pablo Meza

Basic description of the project:
Challenge: To show the public how the trash dumped on the beaches directly affects the lives of coastal species. Idea: In one of the busiest beaches of Lima, a whale was built using waste left during a weekend by beach-goers. The huge sculpture (12 x 2.5m) was shown all day, surrounded with the classic yellow caution tape that showed a new message: You litter, you kill (Ensucias, matas).

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