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Environmental Installations/Displays - Permanent
Entrant: B+G Designers, São Paulo
"Nestlé Coming to You on Board"
Corporate Name of Client: Nestlé
Client Account Director: Evelyn Andrade
Agency Account Director: Alessandra Christiansen
Design Company: B+G Designers, São Paulo
Chief Creative Officer: Luis Gustavo Bartolomei
Executive Creative Director: Rodrigo Costabeber
Design Director: Rodrigo Costabeber
Copywriter: Nancy Steagall
Art Director: Alex Diniz
Graphic Designers: Ana Paula Moreno/Luiz Correa/
     Alexandre Mori
Illustration Company: B+G Designers, São Paulo

Basic description of the project:
In order to take the Nestlé até Você program (Nestlé coming to you) – a door-to-door sales system for needy communities – to the riverside population of the Amazone region, we created the first floating supermarket in Brazil. Based on a survey of the local shoppers behavior, we designed the adequate architectonic structure and the communication and ambient project to take more than 300 products to 16 low-income communities, thus supplying grocery items to 800.000 people a month.

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