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Network of the Year: BBDO

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Package Design
Entrant: Designworks, Auckland
Monteith's Single Source
Corporate Name of Client: Monteith's Brewing Company
Client Account Director: Russell Browne
Design Company: Designworks, Auckland
Creative Director: Jef Wong
Creative Strategy: Michael Crampin
Design Director: Damian Alexander
Designer: Matt Hammond

Basic description of the project:
Single Source is a uniquely New Zealand batch-brewed beer, unswervingly true to the land and the people from which it originates. The name ‘Single Source’ is a direct explanation of the process – handpicking ingredients, the beer’s traceable origin and craftspeople and the signature line as the human journey of the beer’s creation. Even the design of the bottle reflects the integrity and character that is so particular to Single Source. The black colour serves as a protector from harmful sunlight (important in preserving the beer’s unique characteristics), as well as a point of differentiation in the beer market.

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